The Expected collection is composed of images which can best be described as stages or decors, waiting for something to happen. Maybe something important will take place, perhaps even life changing events. Maybe nothing will happen at all. Everything is possible; the stages are there, waiting without knowing their future or reason of existence.

On the stages our expectations may come to life. Our wishes, choices, and hope may result in a satisfying screenplay, or might get stuck in missed opportunities. Often, we are mere spectators; we are there without giving direction. We keep our distance and are therefore not in a position to influence the reality of things to come. 

We use our learned helplessness to wait and watch. This distance has a double impact. On the one hand, distance is comfortable; not having any responsibility. On the other hand, distance frustrates; our lives become utterly irrelevant without a meaning of life, without chasing our dreams. The stages are waiting for us…